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We are two young creators, passionate about photography, video, and all that concerns the audiovisual but especially nature and the environment enthusiast.

This is a cause that we hold close to our hearts. That's why we would like to work for it !

The fauna and flora that surround us are limitless, year after year they grow or disappear so we are for the conservation of this spectacular biodiversity !


The website Wep.fr allows us to go on a voluntary basis on concrete projects related to animal and marine protection worldwide.

So if this cause is as close to your heart as it is to our, by participating in this project you show us your enthusiast to defend this noble cause.


Thanks to you we will be able to act to help our poor Earth and it will help us to stay motivated more than ever to try to save it !




Discovery of the methods applied for the protection of the fauna by taking advantage of the experience of the volunteers and the members of the local teams.



Integration of a team of volunteers from around the world to make a concrete contribution to the protection of the marine environment.


Rescue and assist in the rehabilitation of abandoned or injured animals in rural and urban areas of Canada.


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Where your money goes?

66% Operational Costs in the Host Country :

Housing, meals, transfers, local support, staff costs, training, orientation, teaching materials for some projects...

21% Operational Costs in the Country of Arrival : 

Promotion, recruitment, selection, preparation, personnel and office costs, follow-up, emergency assistance...

7% Donation to Local Projects : 

These donations can take various forms: donations to local associations, construction of infrastructures for the benefit of the local community...

6% Taxes :

These concern both the sending country and the host country.

" Currently, man is waging a war

against nature, if he wins he is lost "



Hubert Reeves

Conference, Loos, January 2012


Due to the experience we have gained in volunteering around the world, we wish to create the PWF (Pixels Wildflife Foundation), which will have a significant impact in order to make human beings aware of the importance of our planet’s health.


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